Monday, June 6, 2005

Motorola Rolls Out Centellis/Advantellis AdvancedTCA Solutions

Motorola launched a new series of Open Application-Enabling Platforms, pre-integrated and validated communications servers based on AdvancedTCA-based and supporting the Service Availability Forum (SA Forum) standards. Motorola said its communications servers are based on both open hardware and software standards, setting the course for a new generation of network equipment.

The Centellis 3000 series of communications servers is optimized for legacy applications based on proprietary high-availability software. This product series integrates AdvancedTCA hardware, with an operating environment that includes the MontaVista Carrier Grade Linux operating system, SA Forum Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) Specification implementation, comprehensive centralized platform hardware management, high-availability fabric management and high-availability link support. Motorola also verifies thermal, power and mechanical operation.

Key attributes of the AdvancedTCA shelf include:

  • 14 slot, 12U height, 19" rack-mount

  • Switch Blade Features (ATCA-F101)

  • Base Interface and Fabric Interface support

  • Optional RTM with 4 ports (base ch.), 8 ports (fabric ch.)

  • On-board processor unit for system management

  • System Manager & SNMP agent included on Switch Blade

  • Linux 2.6 based Kernal -- moving to MontaVista implementation

  • 200W (+30W RTB) per slot, fault-tolerant fan tray

  • Four (4) load-sharing PSUs

Typical applications could include VoIP platforms, RNCs, and other wireless gear. General availability for Centellis is slated for later this month.

The Avantellis 3000 series leverages the attributes of the Centellis 3000 series and includes Motorola's NetPlane Core Services software for 5NINES+ platform availability. NetPlane Core Services is service availability middleware that implements the SA Forum Application Interface Specification (AIS) and HPI. These SA Forum standards facilitate rapid development of highly-available applications by providing uniform APIs, leading to the creation of predictable systems.

Avantellis is currently entering beta testing and is expected to be generally available by the end of September.

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