Sunday, June 26, 2005

Loral Skynet Launches Skyreach IP Services for Asia

Loral Skynet entered into an agreement with BtNAccess to extend Loral's SkyReach IP-enabled communications services to Asia. The service is powered by an iDirect IP hub at the BtNAccess teleport in Hong Kong. Skynet will combine satellite capacity on its Telstar 10 and Telstar 18 Asian satellites with teleport and terrestrial communications services, including MPLS, provided by BtNAccess.

The SkyReach service in Asia will be available July 1st, using VSAT technology to deliver a full range of IP applications, including Internet access, VoIP, streamed media, file transfers (FTP), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), LAN connectivity and satellite-enabled WiFi services.

BtNAccess is a subsidiary of PCCW, the incumbent carrier in Hong Kong.