Monday, June 13, 2005

Freescale Moves to its 4th Generation 3G WCDMA/EDGE RF Subsystem

Freescale Semiconductor announced its fourth generation, multimode 3G WCDMA/EDGE cellular RF subsystem -- shrinking board space by 70% for a new breed of slim 3G handsets.

Freescale said typical subsystems require greater than a hundred components. Its latest 3G WCDMA/EDGE dual-mode RF cellular subsystem for handsets allows customers a three-to-one component reduction in less than 649 mm2 of board space. The high integration allows manufacturers the ability to add features such as MP3 players, Bluetooth connectivity, digital cameras, DVB-H, and GPS while reducing handset size. Additionally, consumers are expected to enjoy one-third longer talk and standby times over previous generation subsystems.

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