Monday, June 27, 2005

Foundry and Level 5 Partner on High Performance I/O

Foundry Networks is partnering with Level 5 Networks to deliver high-performance computing (HPC) solutions as part of Foundry's HPC Ethernet Alliance Program. Specifically, the companies will work together in interoperability testing and benchmarking of Foundry's Ethernet switches with Level 5 Networks' EtherFabric adapters.

  • Earlier this month, Level 5 Networks unveiled its EtherFabric, a high-performance I/O architecture aimed at improving server CPU efficiency while remaining completely Ethernet-compatible. Level 5's accelerated interface technology is positioned as an alternative to iWarp and InfiniBand, which the company describes as too disruptive for enterprises because incompatibilities with the existing network require that applications be rewritten for high-performance clusters. Level 5's EtherFabric places the TCP/IP implementation with each application via a linked library. This approach yields over 2x more CPU processing power for applications.

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