Monday, June 13, 2005

Ericsson Lands $250 GSM/SPRS Contract with India's Bharti

Ericsson was awarded a US$250 million managed capacity expansion contract with Indian operator Bharti to provide managed services and expand its GSM/GPRS network into rural India. The contract will enable Bharti to expand into around 3,000 towns and villages in 15 regions. The rollout of the first phase of this ongoing coverage expansion into rural India will start in July 2005.

Ericsson is a long-term Bharti partner, operating its GSM/GPRS network in 15 out of 23 regions under a managed capacity agreement, and is the sole supplier of Bharti's mobility Intelligent Network, WAP, MMS, Video Streaming and Automatic Device Configuration. Ericsson also provides fixed broadband solutions and fixed-line switching equipment for Bharti's Infotel branch.

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