Monday, June 13, 2005

ECI Telecom Introduces Mini-MSPP

ECI Telecom introduced a miniature Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) designed for metro access and WAN deployments, including Ethernet services over SDH, or cellular backhaul.

ECI's BroadGate-40 MSPP features a narrowband cross-connect integrated into platform, which includes low bit rate interfaces such as voice channels and V24/V35 for data services. ECI said these capabilities enable cellular operators, as well as utilities, to remotely control various types of equipment sets in a unified manner from the Base Station Transmitter (BTS) or sub-stations. It also eliminates the need for multiple conversion units.

The BroadGate-40 also supports standard TDM services starting from 64Kbps (DS0) through DS3/E3 and up to STM1 and STM4. Complete with ECI's network management system, the BroadGate-40 delivers full remote management from the same box with support for multiple interfaces and traffic types reducing capital and operational expenditures. The current BroadGate-40 release supports SDH transmission only.

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