Sunday, June 5, 2005

Ciena Adds 10 GigE to Ethernet Provisioning Switch

Ciena announced the addition of a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) module for its CN 4350 Ethernet Services Provisioning Switch, which is designed for telco and cable service providers to deliver business-class Ethernet services as well as supporting Triple Play networks.

The CN 4350's new 10 GbE module incorporates 10 Gbps Ethernet LAN/WAN PHY interfaces, 10 Gbps (OTU2) DWDM transport and packet switching functionality. It can be configured as either a packet-switched interface or as a 3R (repeat, retime, regenerate) transponder to provide transport-grade 10 GbE transmission for third-party switches or routers across SONET/SDH or Optical Transport Network (OTN) metro or regional backbones.

Ciena's CN 4350 also now includes support for ITU G.709 standards-based OTN "digital wrapper" functionality for encapsulating and efficiently transporting services across optical networks with superior performance monitoring, fault signaling and management. This enables direct packet over optical transport without the cost and complexity of SONET/SDH.

The 10 GbE module's integrated DWDM optics are tunable across the C-band, eliminating the need for external transponders and drastically reducing the cost compared to fixed-wavelength modules. Additionally, the module's built-in optical protection switching improves service availability without the higher cost and added management burden of an external protection switch.

Ciena's CN 4350 Ethernet Services Provisioning Switch combines a full mesh 160 Gbps fabric, VirtualWire VLAN switching, GbE and WDM transport interfaces, and carrier-grade reliability. The platform delivers absolute QoS by assigning each service its own "virtual wire" with guaranteed end-to-end bandwidth and performance.

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