Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Boeing Teams with Cisco on Network-centric Defense and Security

Boeing and Cisco Systems signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding documenting their intention to extend their non-exclusive business alliance to create and deliver joint solutions for the projected $200 billion global market for network-centric defense and security operations.

Under the agreement, Boeing will serve as the prime lead systems integrator, combining its expertise as a military and intelligence platform provider with its proven success as a systems integrator. Cisco will provide Boeing with its commercial off the shelf technologies (COTS) and services, including networking technologies, integrated solutions, support services as well as consulting and engineering resources. Additionally as part of the alliance, the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group will provide network business and industry expertise, further accelerating the results and adoption of network-centric operations with mutual customers and at Boeing.

The alliance is complimentary to a previously announced, non-exclusive business alliance between Boeing and IBM. All three companies also are among the 28 founding members of the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium, NCOIC, which is developing a unified approach that would enable sensors, communications and information systems to interact within a global network-centric environment.

In addition to the alliance, Cisco will continue to be a strategically important supplier to Boeing Shared Services Group (SSG). Cisco is currently delivering on a multi-year contract for product and services announced in 2004, whereby Cisco is providing IP telephony and convergence solutions for use across the Boeing global enterprise, which includes more than 160,000 employees in 48 states and 70 countries.

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