Tuesday, June 7, 2005

BayPackets Debuts Parlay/OSA Gateway

BayPackets has expanded its IMS service delivery framework with the addition of a Parlay OSA Gateway, which separates the complexity of the network from the application layer, enabling carriers to deploy new revenue-generating data, voice, messaging and multimedia services across converged networks. Open APIs eliminate the need for developers to write code for specific networks and environments, reducing the risk and cost of development.

The Agility Parlay/OSA Gateway complies with Parlay Version 4.1 and Parlay-X 1.0 standards. It interoperates with IBM's WebSphere Everywhere Server for Telecom (WES-T), as well as diverse hardware platforms such as IBM Blade Center and SUN Netra Servers.

BayPackets also announced availability of its Agility Advanced Call Center solution, which is compliant with the Agility Parlay/OSA Gateway and Agility SIP Application Server. The application enables service providers to offer IP-based, toll-free routing services to enterprises with high volumes of call-in traffic, such as sales, customer service or technical support departments. Agility Advanced Call Center allows calls to be routed and prioritized according to a wide range of criteria, such as location of origin and time of day, helping service providers streamline call flows, cost-effectively manage networks systems and enhance the end-user experience.

BayPackets' service layer IMS solution includes the following carrier-grade, highly scalable products:

Agility SIP Application Server:

  • Support of JSR 116 SIP servlets and JAIN

  • Converged applications through support of ISC, SIP, HTTP

  • Application composition

  • IP multimedia endpoints

  • Service building blocks

Agility Parlay/OSA Gateway:

  • Support of external enterprise verticals

  • Enables fixed-mobile convergence

  • Migration from legacy to IP

  • Enablement of content providers

  • Support of multiple protocols - ISC/SIP, MGCP, AIN, CAMEL

  • Support of WebSphere Application Server

In addition to the SIP Application Server and Parlay/OSA Gateway, BayPackets plans to launch a Mobility Management Application Server (MMAS) product later this year. MMAS uses existing standards to enable the delivery of services over multiple access networks, including: mobile, cable, DSL and Wi-Fi, via a single number.

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