Monday, May 30, 2005

Westell Unveils New Home Networking Routers

Westell Technologies unveiled a new family of home networking routers for delivering IPTV and video to residential users. The new UltraLine II line will include three models:

  • UltraLine - Ethernet WAN (for direct fiber connections)

  • UltraLine - Bonded ADSL WAN

  • UltraLine - VDSL WAN

All UltraLine II models support a wide means of delivering connectivity to a consumer's broadband-enabled devices, including IP video set top boxes or digital recorders. In addition to an intelligent Ethernet switch, UltraLine II includes a digital coaxial connector. This allows any UltraLine II gateway to be connected directly to the consumer's existing in-home coaxial cabling for delivery of 100Mbps+ of data and IP video with minimal cost or disruption to the customer's home. Each UltraLine II model also contains an 802.11g wireless access point to deliver wireless networking throughout the home.

The UltraLine II also provides software and routing capabilities for delivery of video content over the broadband network. For example, the product line supports intelligent IGMP functions for efficient management of video streams, as well as a combination of QoS features and configurations.

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