Wednesday, May 11, 2005

UTStarcom Unveils VoIP CPE

UTStarcom unveiled a family of customer premise equipment (CPE) for both the residential and enterprise markets, including VoIP analog telephony adapters (ATA), integrated access devices (IADs), ADSL gear, and multi-function gateways. The new lineup includes:

  • VoIP Analog Terminal Adapters (ATAs) that offer two FXS voice ports, each supporting a separate, independent phone number; call control provided via Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) or Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP); and a PSTN Lifeline.

  • A VoIP Gateway designed for the interconnection of legacy equipment at enterprises, regional offices, hotels, campuses, and apartment buildings. The call control is provided via SIP or MGCP. Three models are offered -- eight VoIP ports; 16 VoIP ports; and 32 VoIP ports. The VoIP ports can be FXO ports for connecting to an existing PBX or PSTN network.

  • UTStarcom's ADSL CPE supports both full-rate ADSL (8 Mbps downstream / 1 Mbps upstream) and G.lite (1.5 Mbps downstream / 512 Kbps upstream). UTStarcom's CPEs; remote management and firewalls;

  • new Multi-Function Bundled CPE designed for residential, small-sized LAN, and SOHO customers. These offer multi-mode ADSL2/2+ modems with four Ethernet LAN ports and integrated 802.11b/g Wireless LAN capability.

Primus Telecommunications has selected UTStarcom's iAN-02EX VoIP Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) solution for use with its Lingo broadband phone service.

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