Tuesday, May 17, 2005

TranSwitch Introduces Ethernet Processing Chips

TranSwitch introduced a single-chip ATM-to-Ethernet interworking processor and traffic manager, and an Ethernet-based switch processor and traffic manager for Ethernet in the last mile and access applications. The new devices allow efficient connectivity to ATM physical layer framers and Ethernet PHYs, providing a packet processing and traffic management solution for converging network applications. The devices are targeted at wireline and wireless platforms such as IP DSLAM, next-generation digital loop carrier (NG-DLC), APON/BPON/EPON optical line terminal/optical network terminal (OLT/ONT), 3G radio network controller (RNC) or Base Station Controller (BSC), and wireless backhaul RNC/BSC applications.

The devices incorporate TranSwitch's high performance eNPU (embedded Network Processing Unit) technology for packet processing and switching, which is centered around an array of RISC processors with hardware accelerators for specific functions.

In conjunction with the embedded firmware, the eNPU engine performs filtering, classification, header manipulation, forwarding, security features and maintenance of statistics.

TranSwitch said its new chips are easy to program, ensuring adaptability to evolutionary changes in industry standards and value-added customization. Additionally, TranSwitch provides a comprehensive device driver to control all aspects of operation including initialization, configuration, fault management, performance monitoring, debug and diagnostics. The device driver conforms to NPF (Network Processing Forum) guidelines.

In addition to the eNPU packet processing engine, Diplomat-A includes AAL5 SAR (Segmentation and Reassembly) and an integrated traffic manager providing Class of Service (CoS) based queuing, scheduling, and congestion control using cost effective DDR SDRAM. The multi-mode Priority Deficit Round Robin (PDRR) scheduler offers configurable weights between the traffic queues for efficient service differentiation. Complementing the packet scheduler is a novel high performance multicast engine offering wire-rate performance for IPTV applications. The optimal partitioning between firmware and hardware enables throughput of up to 2,000 Mbps yet provides flexibility to adapt to evolving standards and value-add customizations. Diplomat-A features a UTOPIA Level-2 interface on the subscriber side and two 10/100/1,000 Ethernet ports on the uplink side. Diplomat-A comes bundled with TranSwitch's royalty-free "AERIS" firmware (ATM-to-Ethernet Interworking Software) which features standards-compliant PPPoEoA interworking and OAM/AAL0/AAL2 tunneling.

Diplomat-E offers the same packet processing and traffic management functions as Diplomat-A, but is Ethernet-centric. Diplomat-E contains 24 Fast Ethernet (FE) subscriber interfaces and two 10/100/1,000 Ethernet ports on the uplink side. It comes bundled with TranSwitch's royalty-free "EASEL" firmware (Ethernet Access and Switching in the Last mile) which features standards-compliant PPPoE bridging and Ethernet OAM.

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