Sunday, May 15, 2005

TI Delivers 2X-12X Performance Boost in Latest DSP

Texas Instruments unveiled its latest digital signal processor (DSP), offering improved performance, reduced code size plus more on-chip memory and high bandwidth integrated peripherals including the Serial RapidIO bus for inter-processor communications.

The new C6455 DSP, which uses 90nm process technology, targets developers of telecommunications, network and video infrastructure equipment and high-end imaging systems. The company said the device will provide significant system performance gain due to 2x -12x boosts in performance and I/O bandwidth.

New peripherals and features of this chip, as compared to previous 1 GHz C64x DSPs, include:

  • Serial RapidIO, featuring up to 25 Gbps interconnectivity, enabling high performance multi-processing that is 12 times faster than previous external memory interfaces;

  • Gigabit Ethernet MAC (Memory Access Controller) offering 10 times more Ethernet bandwidth than previous C64x devices;

  • DDR2 (Double Data Rate) external memory interface delivering twice the throughput of currently available devices;

  • 66 MHz PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) bus interface providing twice the frequency of previous processors;

  • 2 MBytes of L2 Memory giving OEMs twice the amount of memory as previous C64x devices.


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