Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tellabs Expands its Line of 8800 Multi-service routers

Tellabs introduced and entry-price multiservice router (MSR) designed for business-class IP, FR, ATM, Ethernet and TDM/Private Line services at the edge of an IP/MPLS network. The new Tellabs 8830 MSR, which is part of the company's larger Tellabs 8800 MSR line, is multi-service platform that can aggregate ATM, Ethernet, Frame Relay, and TDM services and perform interworking services among these same services, either through the IP/MPLS backbone or in native form. Key features include:

  • A single Universal Line Card (ULC) that accepts a flexible set of different Physical Line Modules (PLMs) spanning DS-3 to OC-192/STM-64 or 10 GigE. The line cards use Tellabs' 10 Gbps custom ASIC for high-density per-flow queuing.

  • ANYPort software-defined service edge enabling any port or channel to be configured in software-only to provide IP, FR, ATM, PPP, HDLC, MPLS or TDM.

  • Scalable single-stage, low-latency design to achieve 80 Gbps in a single shelf

  • Fully non-blocking switching architecture

The Tellabs 8830 MSR is an 8-rack-unit high chassis with a mid-plane design. It accommodates two Switch and Control Cards and four Universal Line Cards.

Tellabs said its MSR is capable of line-rate performance regardless of packet size or Layer 2 protocol. Additional features of the Tellabs 8830 MSR will include deterministic QoS controls, true service interworking and Tellabs' "ServiceAssured" upgrades for continuous system availability during software upgrades.


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