Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sprint Business Mobility Framework Locates Mobile Workers

Sprint launched a "Business Mobility Framework" that provides enterprises with location-based services, messaging and geographic notifications of their mobile workers. Businesses could use the service to enable new or enhance existing applications by locating and tracking mobile workers or assets nationwide. In addition, companies can direct workers across geographic lines, provide text or voice messages and share critical wireless data information with workers. Key capabilities include:

  • Presence - provides a status indicating whether a mobile device is on or off

  • Cell Sector Location - provides the latitude & longitude of a mobile device's CDMA cell sector, along with accuracy estimate; accuracy is dependent on conditions and cell tower density

  • Precision Location - provides the latitude & longitude of a device along with accuracy estimate; depending on conditions accuracy can be within 5 meters

  • SMS Alerts (Text Messages) - enables application server to send a text message to a device

  • Voice Alerts - enables an application server to call any phone and play a message using Sprint text to speech technology or via a pre-recorded audio file

  • Presence Notifications - allows application to be alerted when a device is turned on or off

  • Location Notifications - allows application to be alerted when a device crosses a specified geo-fence boundary.

  • Examples of solutions enabled by Sprint Business Mobility Framework, using any or all of the location, messaging and notification services, include:

  • Field Service Automation - provides mobile technicians with access to software designed to automate core business processes and coordinate work orders.

  • Field Force Management - allows businesses to reduce expenses associated with transport and delivery of products/services through improved monitoring/ management of mobile employees. Also included in this category are Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions which extend customer relationship management (CRM) software to sales personnel for presales and post-sales activities in an organization.

  • Fleet Management - monitor and manage assets and equipment and include location services; work order management and dispatch functions.

  • Asset Management and Tracking - monitor and track high-value assets using specialized devices.

"Sprint Business Mobility Framework is an industry first as Sprint has opened its network to allow partners, applications providers and customers the ability to utilize the intelligence in our network to create and enhance mobility solutions," said David Owens, vice president marketing -- strategic markets, Sprint Business Solutions.

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