Monday, May 2, 2005

Spirent's Avalanche 7.0 Targets Triple Play

Spirent Communications released a new version of its Avalanche platform designed to validate the readiness of the IP infrastructure equipment for triple play services.

Avalanche 7.0 features real-world user and triple play traffic emulation along with automation flexibility to test multiple dimensions of the network. This includes testing the capacity and functionality of both the network and network devices. Each test port can simultaneously assess application performance, QoS mechanism performance, Session initiation Protocol (SIP) performance, and IPsec, SSL VPN and firewall security performance under real-world user and application traffic conditions.

Spirent offers a "WorkSuite Manager" that can configure and automate test sequences according to user-specified goals. For example, if a user seeks to discover the maximum number of concurrent connections that can be supported by the infrastructure, WorkSuite can automate a sequence of iterative tests designed to continue until that specific maximum is discovered.

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