Monday, May 23, 2005

Skype Adding 150,000 Users per Day, Launches Affiliate Program

Skype currently is signing up about 150,000 new users per day and its total number of registered users exceeds 35 million. In addition, there are 1.4 million SkypeOut accounts and the company reports a 22% monthly growth in minutes of traffic, which is now at 1.5 billion minutes per month. With up to 100 million new broadband connections activated worldwide last year and more this year, Skype believes its opportunity the telephony applications continues to accelerate. Looking beyond PCs, Skype is planning to take its telephony application to mobile devices, including phones and PDAs based on embedded Linus, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc.

Also this week, Skype kicked off an Affiliate Program that rewards online communities, website publishers, bloggers and Skype enthusiasts with commissions of up to 10% for promoting Skype on their websites. Registered sites link to both Skype's home page and the Skype Store, where customers can purchase Skype's premium services from the affiliate website. So far, Skype said it has signed up 1,800 affiliates.

Skype is also partnering with a select group of "super affiliates," sites with millions of registered users, including:, aSmallWorld, Firstream, LunarStorm Sweden, LunarStorm United Kingdom,, Passado, Spymac and SuperEva. Super affiliates integrate Skype into their online products and services.

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