Monday, May 2, 2005

Siemens Launches HiPath Wireless LAN Solution

Siemens Communications announced its new HiPath Wireless portfolio, a centrally deployable 802.11 WLAN system that works in any enterprise environment and on any existing data network or VoIP infrastructure.

Siemens said it HiPath Wireless portfolio represents a major milestone fo interoperability across multi-vendor systems. The solution, supported by a new line of comprehensive HiPath Services offerings, incorporates technology from Chantry Networks, which Siemens acquired in January.

Siemens' Layer 3 overlay architecture provides for centralized management and coordination of access points, security and user-based policy rules. Rapid subnet roaming supports real-time applications like VoIP without the need for re-authentication and re-keying as a user roams. Virtual wireless subnets are also part of the HiPath Wireless system's architecture, enabling enterprises to dynamically create user access policies for different campus locations and for different classes of users or applications. The HiPath Wireless Controller automatically provisions the right levels of access and quality of service for roaming users.

  • In January 2005, Siemens completed its acquisition of Chantry Networks, a Boston-based start-up that provides secure integrated mobility management solutions for WLANs. Financial terms were not disclosed. Unlike traditional Layer 2 switch-based offerings, Chantry Networks' BeaconWorks provides wireless connectivity directly over IP. Intelligent wireless subnets enable differentiated provisioning and policing between different types of user groups, over one physical network. The Chantry architecture is ready for later integration of WiMAX, and the access points are designed in such a way that devices from different third-party manufacturers can be integrated.

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