Monday, May 23, 2005

Sangoma Selects Octasic for Soft PBX Systems

Sangoma Technologies, a supplier of TDM voice and Internet infrastructure products, has selected Octasic's silicon solutions for use in their high density E1/T1/J1 Advanced Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) series. Sangoma's new A108d (eight E1/T1/J1 port), A104d (four E1/T1/J1 port) and A102d (dual E1/T1/J1 port) cards with DSP support in hardware will use Octasic technology to provide board-level voice quality enhancement features, including echo cancellation, audio conferencing and tone detection. The range of cards will provide hardware DSP support for new and existing AsteriskT installations, as well as supporting other PC-based PBX systems.