Monday, May 30, 2005

Sandburst Unveils 20 Gbps Traffic Manager

Sandburst announced the debut of its 20 Gbps packet-based Traffic Manager device optimized for delivering next generation Ethernet services. The device provides advanced hardware-based QoS on a per-user, per-application and per-flow basis, thereby enabling the bandwidth control and service prioritization required to drive new converged real-time voice, video and data communications services across carrier-grade Ethernet networks.

Sandburst's TME-2000 is a 20-Gigabit line rate packet-oriented traffic manager. Based on the company's second-generation HiBeam traffic management technology, it performs highly precise and granular packet queuing, congestion management and hierarchical traffic shaping on up to 16K queues simultaneously. It integrates two SPI-4.2 interfaces for a standards-based interconnect enabling seamless integration with existing legacy systems or to other members of the HiBeam chipset family.

"With the rise of advanced Ethernet services in carrier networks, specifically the delivery of real-time voice, video and data to individual subscribers, it is increasingly urgent for service providers and their OEMs to ensure the highest levels of per subscriber QoS within their network infrastructure," said Vince Graziani, CEO of Sandburst.

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