Sunday, May 22, 2005

Redback Quadruples Performance of its SmartEdge

Redback Networks introduced the next-generation version of its flagship SmartEdge Service Gateway platform, featuring four times the performance of its current generation system and the capability for much higher density Ethernet aggregation. The enhanced performance is delivered via new 10 GigE and 10-port and 20-port GigE cards, along with a new software release.

The new linecards are powered by Redback's new Broadband IP Engine processing chip, which enables the integration of Ethernet aggregation with advanced IP routing, and subscriber and session management. Redback is also introducing Multicast Level Reliability, which extends the current capability of Session Level Reliability to ensure that all multicast video traffic can seamlessly failover to a redundant card without interruption.

Redback said the new features enable the SmartEdge Service Gateway to scale for future demands of high definition television, IP telephony, next-generation gaming, video calls, video email, and other applications.

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