Monday, May 2, 2005

Pulse~LINK Promotes Multi-Protocol Vision for UWB

The UWB Forum has formed a Common Signaling Mode (CSM) Working Group to promote interoperability and coexistence of dissimilar Ultra Wideband physical layers. Pulse~LINK' CTO John Santhoff, who first proposed the concept before the IEEE 802.15.3 Task Group in Singapore of 2003, will chair this new group within the Forum.

"The many flavors of UWB that are emerging in the marketplace require the UWB industry to establish rules for Spectrum Etiquette that insure fair and equal access to UWB spectrum for all users," states Santhoff. "The Forum recognizes the fact that dissimilar UWB physical layers are going to exist for differing applications and is committed to insuring a positive consumer experience."

Pulse~LINK President and COO, Bruce Watkins, will join the UWB Forum Board of Directors. Additionally, Pulse~LINK's Director of MAC Development, Allen Heberling, was appointed as chair of the UWB Forum MAC Working Group.