Sunday, May 22, 2005

PRIMUS Deploys Veraz to Migrate Clearinghouse Traffic

PRIMUS Telecommunications has migrated its Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) traffic from existing H.323 Gateways to the Veraz platform. An OSP client that interfaces with external OSP servers was added into the programmable service logic of Veraz ControlSwitch, in order to seamlessly integrate both PRIMUS' core global infrastructure and VoIP clearinghouse traffic onto a unified next generation network.

Prior to the migration, PRIMUS had two linked networks: traditional circuit-switched long distance (TDM) and an OSP VoIP network. Veraz enabled PRIMUS to further converge their existing infrastructure, while migrating to a unified Next-Generation network. It is now more scaleable; with core LD infrastructure traffic more seamlessly integrated, fewer protocol conversions needed, and now provides interconnections to both SIP and H.323.

Veraz said PRIMUS can now easily add services for its LD and global VoIP network by leveraging the Veraz Services Framework. Additionally, the "services silos" for TDM and VOIP have been eliminated, which adds to the efficiency of introducing new services. The Services Framework also enables services convergence among multiple networks: leveraging the multiple business units present across business infrastructures, and even leveraging external systems for authorization.

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