Tuesday, May 17, 2005

palmOne Includes Wi-Fi & Bluetooth in Latest PDA

palmOne introduced its "LifeDrive" mobile manager PDA featuring a 4GB hard drive (3.85GB user available), a large 320x480 high-resolution color screen, and wireless access through built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The handheld device uses the 416MHz Intel XScale processor.

Devicescape Software provided the Wi-Fi client software for the LifeDrive.

palmOne is working with T-Mobile to ensure a "good experience" on the carrier's public Wi-Fi network. T-Mobile is providing a free 30-day trial offer for LifeDrive owners.

RealNetworks is giving LifeDrive customers free access to its Rhapsody client, which they can use to manage their personal music collections. RealNetworks is also offering a 30-day free trial of its Rhapsody music service.

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