Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Net Insight Introduces Video-Centric SONET/SDH Platform

Net Insight introduced its Nimbra 600 series of next generation multi-service switches, offering up to 1 terabit per second switching capacity per rack. The Nimbra 600 series utilizes next generation SDH/SONET and Net Insight's switching architecture to provide guaranteed video transport over fiber for triple-play and professional broadcast media networks. The Nimbra 600 series also provides lower-order granularity for all services including Ethernet.

In a triple play network, the Nimbra 600 could be use to transport video from a head-end facility or a video server farm to neighborhood DSLAMs or ONTs. In a media network, it could be used to switch video traffic from a central site to fiber-connected affiliates.

The Nimbra 600 series presently consists of two multi-service switches:

  • Nimbra 680 -- an 80 Gbps multi-service switch for metro core, triple play, and high-capacity professional media networks.

  • Nimbra 688 -- Twice the access and switch capacity e.g. for replacement of multiple legacy platforms in metro and core PoPs.

An automatic optical control plane enables both unicast and multicast services to be provisioned in a one step process, as well as easy network expansion. The internal non-hierarchical switch plane with 0.5 Mbps granularity can be extended across the network via SDH/SONET interfaces to achieve 95+% network utilization and maximum flexibility. The Nimbra 600 series also provides full carrier class features including full redundancy for switch planes, power supply, node controllers, and control paths.

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