Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Microsoft to Open its R&D for Licensing

Microsoft launched an initiative to open up hundreds of internally developed technologies to entrepreneurs and new businesses by licensing and spinning out its innovations to facilitate new product and business development.

Microsoft IP Ventures initially opens access in 20 specific technology areas, including"

  • Artificial intelligence. Face detection and tracking, natural language processing for educational courseware

  • Usability. "LaunchTile", a navigation system for mobile devices

  • Graphics. Personalized facial sketch, cartoon generation

  • Security. BioCert (digitally signed tamper-proof ID cards incorporating biometric information), counterfeit-resistant optical fiber technology

  • Gaming. Xnav (gesture-based text input and device navigation)

  • Multimedia. Audio correction algorithms for speakers, conference XP
    (distance conferencing, instruction and collaboration environment), horizontal overscan (broadcasting synchronized data in an analog television signal), "Microsoft Portrait" (mobile video communication), MobiPicture (intelligent mobile browsing of large image), "Wallop" (mixed media online collaborative environment)

  • Databases. Data visualization tools.

Microsoft said it offers a licensing model that can include royalty payments and equity, and is flexible enough for entrepreneurs raising capital.


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