Monday, May 9, 2005

MathStar Plans IPO

MathStar is planning an initial public offering of its common stock to raise approximately $28 million.

MathStar designs and develops ultra-high performance semiconductors for networking, storage, signal processing, and reprogrammable logic markets. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis Minnesota and has 30 employees.

  • In May 2004, MathStar announced the release of its new Field Programmable Object Array (FPOA), a high-performance chip for use in networking and digital signal processing applications. MathStar's first FPOA devices have 400 1 GHz Silicon Objects, resulting in a device with 400 Giga Operations of performance. The devices are implemented in 130nm technology. The company said its FPOAs provide a strategic alternative to the high-cost of developing ASICs or the performance limitations of conventional FPGA architectures.

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