Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Marconi Debuts Service Router

Marconi introduced a new routing platform designed to help service providers deliver high value, low touch IP services such as virtual private networks (VPNs) based on network virtualization capabilities.

Marconi said the service provider market is being driven by the same virtualization trends seen in data centers, where storage and other resources are virtualized. Carrier networks need to evolve into commodity cores with differentiated edges.

The new Marconi Service Router, which is available as a 16-slot mid-plane chassis, uses Dynamic Services Blades to provide its virtual router capabilities. The platform supports up to 8,000 virtual router instances and up to 5,000,000 BGP routes, with all CPU, packet processing, and memory resources managed dynamically in software. Each virtual router has a unique processing context and distinct memory allocation. Virtual router route tables can be set for maximum routes. No sharing of routes or topology is possible, and BGP or MPLS is not required. Each virtual router can be remotely enabled and disabled. Each virtual router can be rate limited and CPU constrained, and one VPN cannot interfere with another VPN.

Significantly, the platform uses Linux and open APIs that allow new application development by Marconi, ISVs and/or end customers. Key hardware features of the platform include:

  • a 80 Gbps switch fabric, which will be upgradeable to 320 Gbps

  • 60 Gbps I/O bandwidth

  • Front-loaded route control processing and packet service engines

  • Up to three chassis per 7-ft rack

  • NEBS Level 3 ready, CE Mark

  • Common Criteria Level 3

  • Hot-swap capability

  • Redundant A and B power feeds

  • AC Chassis

The platform is currently being deployed by Dalton Utilities, which provides a wide range of fiber-based telecommunications services to business and residential customers in and around Dalton, Georgia.

Deployments for the Marconi Service Router are also expected to include the federal market, where the company supplies its other high-end routing platforms.

Marconi said the new platform would complement the routing products offered through its alliance with Huawei.


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