Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Marconi Confirms Its SoftSwitch Commitment

Marconi reconfirmed plans for its next-generation Impact SoftSwitch, which will be targeted at operators such as alternative carriers, ISPs, cable TV providers, metro city carriers, international PTTs and local loop unbundlers.

Marconi's Impact SoftSwitch is a carrier-class, next-generation switching solution that integrates voice and data services into a single converged packet network. It provides a full range of both traditional and new services across a variety of protocols, including Media Gateway Control Protocol, H.323, H.248 and SIP. It supports Class 4, Class 5 and IP Centrex on a single platform. A distributed architecture allows carriers to migrate from traditional voice-only networks to new packet-based, multimedia access and switching infrastructures.

Under a revised development program, Marconi engineers will integrate new features and applications designed to broaden SoftSwitch's market appeal, including support for enhanced SIP features and real-time charging. These additions complement recently added localisation support for a number of key markets and an already comprehensive set of Impact SoftSwitch features and capabilities that help both alternative carriers and incumbents focus on service innovation and costs.

Gamma Telecom, the UK's fastest growing alternative service provider, bought the Impact SoftSwitch in January to replace its existing TDM infrastructure and deliver IP-based services. http://www.marconi.com

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