Monday, May 2, 2005

Internap Finds Half of all Internet VoIP Calls Below Acceptable Quality

Internap Network Services, which provides performance-based routing services over the Internet, has added VoIP route optimization and reporting functionality to its Flow Control Platform. The new functionality optimizes routing of VoIP traffic to enable enhanced call quality. The system allows user-defined quality metrics, such as mean opinion score (MOS) and jitter, to route VoIP traffic across an organization's IP network.

Internap said in network performance testing, which simulated over 1.5 million VoIP calls to destinations around the globe, it found that almost half of all VoIP calls sent over default carriers and routes were below acceptable levels of end-user call quality criteria. For one-third of the calls, Internap claims its technology can improve call quality and MOS scores.

Internap's Flow Control Platform is a network appliance deployed at the enterprise or service provider network edge. By intelligently routing traffic across multiple ISP links to conform to customer performance and cost policies, the FCP solution enables customers to intelligently load balance and optimize their networks. Latency is lowered by an average of 35% and risk diversity is ensured in the event of a carrier outage or brownout. The company claims significant bandwidth savings as well.


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