Monday, May 23, 2005

Global Crossing Introduces Carrier VoIP Outbound Service in Europe

Global Crossing introduced a Carrier VoIP Outbound Service in Europe that provides wholesale IP interconnection, transport and call completion of packet-based voice traffic over its network.

Global Crossing's Carrier VoIP Outbound Service is available using three different access methods. Customers can choose to connect either through Global Crossing IP VPN Service, IP Transit service or via the public Internet. The three access options allow customers to match Quality of Service levels to their requirements. The latter option also allows customers worldwide, beyond Global Crossing's network reach, to cost-effectively connect to the VoIP Outbound service using any public Internet connection for termination of traffic to any telephone in the world.

Global Crossing has deployed session border controllers (SBCs) to provide a secure interconnection point that protects both Global Crossing's and the customer's networks from each other. High performance is guaranteed because traffic is carried over the Global Crossing MPLS private backbone.

Hellas On Line, a Greek Internet service provider (ISP), is using the service to offer Internet-based services, including telephony and unified messaging, Internet connectivity, and value-added and content services, to consumers and enterprises. Global Crossing's Carrier VoIP Outbound service directly connects IP networks, enabling Hellas On Line to avoid the expense of connecting to TDM equipment.

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