Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Empirix Tunes its VoIP Monitoring for Service Providers

Empirix has enhanced its Hammer XMS VoIP monitoring system with new applications for network analysis and system administration, more flexibility in network data aggregation, new H.323 and improved ISUP support and a variety of other customer-inspired improvements. Hammer XMS 1.2 offers additional historical trend analysis of network metrics, as well as statistical distribution analysis to discover and diagnose intermittent or persistent performance problems.

New Hammer XMS features include drill-down analysis tools, enabling users to view overall network statistics, detailed reporting on specific equipment elements, correlated call transaction traces, and historical reassembly of discrete sessions for troubleshooting or problem isolation. Network-wide measurements and per-call record views can be structured in groupings, based on routing of services, vendor-specific equipment, geographic clusters, VLANs and other customer aggregations.

Service providers could use Hammer XMS 1.2 to identify high-priority active calls (such as 911 calls) which are now highlighted within the system's "Active Calls" list. Additionally, network engineers can use the system's ladder diagram, which now includes media events, to identify common problems such as one-way media or hanging calls. Finally, Hammer XMS 1.2 offers new capabilities for identifying TDM/IP interface problems by providing ISUP decodes.


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