Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Deutsche Telekom Reaches 6.7 Million DSL Users

Deutsche Telekom added 600,000 DSL lines in Q1 2005, bringing its total number of DSL subscribers to 6.7 million. In Germany, the company now has 6.4 million DSL lines, of which 500,000 are resold by competitors. T-Online has also positioned itself as a full-package DSL provider in Germany since February 1, 2005 by marketing the DSL line together with an Internet access and hardware components.

Some additional highlights from Q1:

  • Deutsche Telekom's net revenue increased by 3.5% year-on-year, from EUR 13.9 billion to EUR 14.4 billion. Group EBITDA was up 6.3%, from EUR 4.6 billion to EUR 4.9 billion compared with prior-year quarter.

  • Revenue in the Broadband/Fixed Network segment decreased; however, the decline in the loss of market share in the local and national long-distance markets slowed down.

  • The total number of telephone lines (including ISDN channels) is now 56.6 million, down from 57.9 million a year earlier.

  • The number of mobile subscribers rose by a further 1.5 million during Q1, around 1.0 million of which were recorded at T-Mobile USA, giving the company a total of 78.9 million mobile customers across its various groups.

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