Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Cisco to Acquire FineGround for WAN Optimization

Cisco Systems will acquire FineGround Networks, a start-up based in Campbell, California, for approximately $70 million in cash and options. FineGround offers network appliances that accelerate, secure, and monitor application delivery while minimizing bandwidth usage.

FineGround uses application-optimization techniques resulting in bandwidth efficiencies, decreased latency, and server offload across the network. The company claims its appliances can dramatically improve end-user response times by up to 5 times, reduce application bandwidth usage by up to 90% , and reduce the load on servers by up to 90%. In addition, FineGround solutions allow organizations to secure and mitigate the risk of web-enabled business transactions by incorporating application firewall functions.

"This acquisition further enhances Cisco's strategy to converge application acceleration, security and a highly available network infrastructure seamlessly in the data center," said Jayshree Ullal, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco's Security Technology Group.

FineGround will become part of Cisco's Security Technology Group and CEO Nat Kausik will continue to lead the team.

FineGround was founded in June 2000 and has 42 employees.