Monday, May 30, 2005

Bay Microsystems to Acquire Parama for its ADM-on-a-Chip

Bay Microsystems, a start-up offering high performance packet processing silicon solutions, announced it has reached profitability and that it has agreed to acquire Parama Networks, a start-up developing an ADM-on-a-chip solution. The merger is expected to close later this month, and terms were not disclosed. As part of its strategy to complete the acquisition of Parama, Bay has raised additional capital from new and existing investors, securing a Series D round of $8.4 million.

Bay Microsystems said it will support Parama's complete family of "ADM-on-a-Chip" devices and has already begun supporting existing customer designs.

  • In May 2005, Bay Microsystems was awarded a follow-on contract with the U.S. federal government to provide 40 Gbps technology used in the government's global mission-critical secure broadband network. Bay has been delivering full-line rate 10 Gbps system solutions to the U.S. Government for more than two years and is continuing its Advanced Network Projects for device technology and network element development. This new business is expected to generate several times more revenue than the previous multi-million dollar contract announced last year.

  • In August 2004, Parama Networks, a start-up based in Santa Clara, California, announced a new centralized architecture for SONET/SDH Add/Drop Multiplexers that leverages its ADM-on-a-Chip (AoC) family. The company said it simplified architecture enables network equipment manufacturers to centralize the framing, cross connect and overhead processing functions of SONET and SDH. The architecture enables 50ms restoration in mesh networks, per service protection schemes, and transparent transport services. It also allows vendors to tap the bandwidth in the "overhead" channels for signaling and control purposes throughout the network. Parama said its design supports simplified control plane implementations such as GMPLS for service provisioning and other tasks. In addition, Parama has extended its ADM-on-a-Chip (AoC) family with a new device that incorporates eight programmable tributary interfaces to run at OC-3/12 or STM-1/4 rates, two OC-48/STM-16 line interfaces, and 10 Gbps of non-blocking cross-connect.