Monday, May 2, 2005

Aruba Debuts Secure Personal Access Point

Aruba Networks introduced "Personal Access Point" (AP) software capability that enables corporate users to safely take their mobile corporate voice and data networks wherever they go using any broadband connection. The software works with all Aruba APs and mobility controllers and is QoS-enabled and voice protocol-aware, permitting prioritization of delay-sensitive voice traffic.

Users simply attach the Aruba Personal AP to a broadband IP connection, DSL router or cable modem in their home, remote office or hotel. Aruba's Personal AP automatically builds a secure IPsec tunnel to a central Aruba mobility controller, authenticates, self-configures and begins operation. If the broadband connection is behind a firewall, Aruba's Personal AP uses Network Address Translation Traversal (NAT-T) to connect to the mobility controller without requiring any user intervention. If the connection is behind a web portal, as in a public hotspot or hotel room, a mechanism is provided for users to complete the login process through that web portal.

Aruba Personal APs download security policy and configuration directly from Aruba mobility controllers. This eliminates any risk of security policy misconfiguration and the need for any technical expertise at remote locations. In addition, a lost or stolen Personal AP does not open a door to the corporate network since no encryption keys or other security information is stored locally, and users must still complete standard wireless authentication before being given access to network resources.

Aruba's Personal APs communicate user attributes such as authentication method, application, device type and protocol used to Aruba mobility controllers. This lets IT staff selectively restrict or allow access to particular applications or network resources based on how each user authenticates without having to create virtual LANs everywhere to segment different user groups.

A remotely-connected Aruba Personal AP works with existing 802.1x supplicants to provide secure authentication to the corporate network. Communication with the mobility controller is secured using IPsec.

Aruba Personal AP software is priced at US $250.

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