Monday, May 30, 2005

Alcatel Launches GPON Access Solutions

Alcatel introduced a GPON solution for its ISAM access family, offering full compliance to the new ITU standard (G.984.x) with 2.4 Gbps of downstream bandwidth and of 1.2 Gbps upstream bandwidth. In comparison, BPON supports 622 Mbps of downstream bandwidth and 155 Mbps upstream. BPON is ATM-based, whereas GPON is native IP. GPON also supports up to a 1:64 passive split and a 20 km reach (28dB link budget). Alcatel said carriers may choose to deploy GPON in new areas of their network, BPON in current network rollouts, and a mixed BPON/GPON environment in others.

Components for the GPON system were designed and built by Alcatel.

The new Alcatel 7342 ISAM FTTU scales to 2,304 subscribers from a single system (36 lines times 64 split). Alcatel will also offer a 2.4 Gbps symmetric option. The platform uses distributed network processors and features a high-speed internal switching fabric with available 10GbE optics.

The Alcatel 7342 ISAM FTTU is managed by the same management suite as the rest of the Alcatel Access product portfolio.

Alcatel said GPON can coexist with BPON in the same network, CO and chassis. An Alcatel 7340 chassis can be upgraded to GPON to installing new network processors. Existing BPON line cards would remain in place and new GPON line cards would be added for the new GPON subscribers.

The GPON network supports IPTV in a similar fashion to BPON, with video channels being multiplexed to the ISAM and subscribers switching channels through IGMP.

Alcatel is also introducing a GPON ONT called the GSFU (GPON Single Family Unit). Services are delivered over 1 fiber. Two options exist for user interfaces: 4 Ethernet and 2 POTS, or 2 Ethernet and 1 POTS.

  • Since introducing its ISAM family of access products, Alcatel has already contracted for more than 25 million lines worldwide from over 20 major carriers.

  • In September 2004, Alcatel launched a new IP DSLAM designed for telco triple play services, including high-speed Internet access, voice, video on demand, HDTV and broadcast TV services. The Alcatel 7302 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) supports a range of broadband access technologies: multi-ADSL (RE-ADSL2 and ADSL2plus), VDSL2, PON, remote node aggregation, integrated POTS and ADSL combo technology. It features a non-blocking internal architecture with a 24 Gbps switching fabric for wire-speed service delivery to all users. Gigabit connectivity is provided to each slot for allow for high uptake of bandwidth consuming services (such as VoD and business access).