Sunday, May 1, 2005

Aktino Combines MIMO with Copper Bonding to Push Access Rates

Aktino, a start-up based in Irvine, California, unveiled a unique new way of bonding copper pairs into higher capacity "fiber-like" access lines. The solution, which is aimed at business-class services for locations not served by fiber, is a carrier-class product for long-reach DS3 (45 Mbps) over copper.

Aktino' uses Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) techniques found in high-performance wireless equipment. Unlike earlier copper bonding solutions, Aktino's silicon performs the bonding at the physical layer, overcoming noise and line impairment problems. Aktino's multi-pair transceiver dynamically load balance traffic across all the loops being used. The platform is T1.417 compliant and does not interfere with existing services such as ADSL and HDSL in the same binder group even at long distances and high bandwidth levels. Aktino also uses discrete multitone (DMT) technology to reduce self cross-talk between the bonded pairs.

Aktino said its AK3000 product only one-third to one-half as many copper loops as other bonded solutions, such as G.SHDSL and HDSLx. It also features a line-powered capability.

In a recent deployment, one independent operating company was able to quickly turn up a clear-channel DS3 service to its customer more than 15,000 feet away from the central office (CO) over the existing copper loops using 14 copper pairs.
http://www.aktino.comAktino was co-founded by Ben Itri, Hossam Salib, Michail Tsatsanis, and Ray Nagele, many of who had earlier worked at PairGain Technologies. The company is headed by Bruce Kimble, who had previously served as the Vice President and General Manager at PairGain.

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