Sunday, May 1, 2005

Agere Targets Wireless Converged Access with Network Processors

Agere Systems unveiled its "TrueAdvantage" Wireless Access Solutions aimed at converging 2G, 3G and other wireless access services over a single network.

Agere's solution consist of its Advanced PayloadPlus (APP) network processor chips, Link Layer Processor (LLP), TADM, and its Ultramapper and Hypermapper framing and mapping devices. Agere also provides the software and reference designs for telecom equipment manufacturers.

The TrueAdvantage solution supports a variety of protocols required for 2/2.5G and 3G networks, such as Transcoder Rate Adapter Unit (TRAU), Frame Relay, and AAL1 Circuit Emulation. The solution could be used for an integrated base station supporting 2G and 3G services. This allows carriers to cut costs by reducing the number of T1/E1, SONET/SDH and Ethernet backhaul links they must deploy. Additional backhaul savings can be achieved by improving the efficiency of T1/E1 backhaul links with the flexible protocol processing of the TrueAdvantage Wireless Solution. Agere estimates backhaul efficiency is improved by as much as 35% by providing support for header compression and multiplexing protocols such as PPP mux (Point-to-Point multiplexing) and cUDP (compress User Datagram Protocol). This offers wireless carriers a potential global savings of $300 million per year, as fewer T1/E1 leased lines will be required to cover a service area.

NEC has selected Agere's TrueAdvantage solution, including its Advanced PayloadPlus (APP) network processor chips, for use in its wireless access equipment.

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