Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Acme Packet Announces Lawful Intercept/CALEA Support

Acme Packet announced support in its Net-Net session border controller (SBC) for global lawful intercept (LI) capabilities, including compliance with the US Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). LI requires sending call data (the voice over IP signaling messages) and call content (the actual voice media packets) to one or more law enforcement agencies for detection and storage. This intercept must be transparent or undetectable to the both the target subscriber and to the service provider's management systems. In addition, each law enforcement agency eligible to receive the intercepted call must not be aware that other agencies are also intercepting the call. Acme Packet said that for IP networks, which utilize separate signaling and media protocols and paths, these requirements present a challenge.

Acme Packet is working with leading product vendors and trusted third-party service providers - NeuStar, SS8 Networks, Verint and VeriSign - to provide a complete solution for LI. In addition, for MSO cable networks, Acme Packet supports the dynamic provisioning of the targeted subscribers by the Call Management Server (CMS).

In the solutions announced today, Acme Packet's Net-Net SBC is the intercept access point in an IP network. Provisioning of the target subscriber in the SBC is performed by SS8 Networks' lawful intercept platform Xcipio or Verint STAR-GATE products or within SIP signaling messages sent to the SBC by the CMS in a MSO cable network. The Acme Packet SBC forwards intercepted call data and content to the SS8 Networks or Verint delivery functions which in turn provide trusted, secure interfaces to law enforcement agencies.

Acme Packet and its product partners SS8 Networks and Verint support managed services from NeuStar and VeriSign. Service providers use those third-party managed services of Neustar and VeriSign to meet their law enforcement compliance needs while remaining able to keep their focus on delivering innovative, high-quality subscriber services. http://www.acmepacket.com