Monday, May 30, 2005

5G Wireless Solutions Tests Cellular Approach for Wi-Fi

5G Wireless Solutions has begun testing a new Cellular Approach to Wi-Fi that is designed to further extend the range of its existing Campus-Wide Area Network and accelerate municipal Wi-Fi deployments.

The new antenna array resembles a cellular base station in that it divides a large geographic area into 120 degree sectors and optimizes the range of each sector to maximize coverage. The individual sector antennas can be mounted alongside cellular mountings without interference. The initial range of the 802.11b/g base station to most wirelessly enabled portable devices can be up to 4 km in b mode and up to 1.5 km in g mode.

The company said the new 360 degree, 3-panel antenna arrays will have the ability to simultaneously handle backhaul in the 5.3 and 5.8 gig range and handle local Wi-Fi distribution in the 2.4 range 802.11 b and g modes. The first unit has just been installed at the company's Marina del Rey facility in California and is currently in testing phase with plans to ship Q3, 2005.

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