Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Verizon offers $20 VoiceWing VoIP Plan, New Features

Verizon introduced a new $19.95 a month plan for its VoiceWing broadband telephony service, providing 500 minutes outbound local and domestic long-distance calling, unlimited inbound calls and free calls to other VoiceWing subscribers. VoiceWing Unlimited -- a plan that provides unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling for $29.95 a month was launched by Verizon last year.

Some new features include:

  • customers located in certain areas the option to include their telephone number in a residential 411 directory assistance database.

  • fax support for customers using a Linksys PAP2 telephone adapter. Current customers who are using a Cisco adapter provided by Verizon and would like faxing capability can request a new, free adapter.

  • the ability to block up to 20 pre-designated phone numbers and to reject calls from anonymous callers.

  • subscribers can also purchase up to five additional telephone numbers with their choice of area codes to use on their VoiceWing service for incoming calls.

  • scheduled callbacks: Schedule important calls in advance online. Customers' phones will ring at the appointed time, and they will then be connected to the call.

  • permanent Caller ID Block: Gives VoiceWing customers total control over who sees their Caller ID information whenever they make an outbound call.


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