Tuesday, April 5, 2005

UpZide Labs and Tensilica Target VDSL2 Data-Path Design

UpZide Labs AB and Tensilica announced a partnership in the area of VDSL2 data-path design. Under the agreement, UpZide will develop a reference design utilizing multiple Xtensa LX processors from Tensilica to implement the VDSL2.

The companies said that because the standard is evolving, it's essential that the VDSL2 data-path component be designed with the flexibility required to adapt to all possible changes. By designing with Xtensa's configurable processors rather than RTL (register transfer level code), and by extending the instruction set to handle the data-intensive demands of the VDSL2 standard, UpZide will be able to make available for license a fast, efficient, and programmable solution.


  • UpZide was founded in 2001 by the key individuals that developed the Zipper DMT technology, a concept that is currently a cornerstone of the VDSL standard, as well as the evolving VDSL2 standard. The company is based in Lulea, Sweden.


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