Sunday, April 10, 2005

SwitchCore Targets IP DSLAMs with Xpeedium2pro

SwitchCore AB unveiled Xpeedium2pro Ethernet switching chip targeted at IP DSLAMs and other next-generation access equipment.

The Xpeedium2pro, which builds on SwitchCore's design experience for enterprise Ethernet switches, is positioned as a drop-in replacement from ATM-based DSLAMs. Xpeedium2pro supports up to 4,000 subscribers per device. This provides "color-aware" DiffServ bandwidth management with three different services for up to 4,000 subscribers.

The Xpeedium2pro offers 28 ports of wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet switching and routing; VLAN support (VLAN swapping and forwarding, double tagging); Layer-3 forwarding, including IP-multicast support and ECMP. SwitchCore uses CAM-based forwarding databases for deterministic performance. The switching fabric also features a shared memory architecture to eliminate head-of-line blocking.

Xpeedium2pro will be available in Q2 2005.

SwitchCore has also entered into a partnership with PMC-Sierra focused on IP DSLAMs. The companies are supporting a major mutual customer.

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