Monday, April 18, 2005

Sun Focuses on Evolving Media and Entertainment Market

Sun Microsystems has formed a new vertical group that will create technology solutions to meet Hollywood's insatiable appetite for reliable, fast, and open technology. To oversee this reinvigorated industry focus, Sun has appointed Sun Labs head Glenn Edens to the post of senior vice president of broadband, media and entertainment industry. He joins other industry leaders including Sun eight-year veteran Juan Dewar, now appointed new vice president of media and entertainment. Sun also brought in Andy Sheldon, who was recently responsible for the applications and services initiatives at Microsoft TV and was senior director of product marketing at MSN TV. Lastly, Darrel Jordan-Smith is newly appointed vice president of the global telecommunications to continue driving innovation across the broadband and telecommunications market.

Sun Microsystems said it would focus R&D on the transition to digital distribution, the introduction of disk-based archives, and the emergence of new distribution channels such as that offered by telecommunications companies for IPTV, which is a common denominator for systems where television and/or video signals are distributed to subscribers using Internet protocols.

Sun is already delivering a Digital Asset Management Reference Architecture, video management and storage products for online media.


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