Sunday, April 24, 2005

Strix Offers Multi-Radio, Multi-Channel, Multi-RF Outdoor Mesh

Strix Systems, a start-up based in Calabasas, California released an outdoor version of its high-capacity multi-radio, multi-channel, and multi-RF mesh networking solution.

Strix's Access/One Network OWS supports up to six radios per node, enabling some dedicated radios to be used backhaul ingress, backhaul egress, and client connectivity. The design can use any combination of 802.11a, b, or g radios. This multi-radio mesh architecture segments the network, ensuring high throughput and low latency over multiple hops. The company said its multi-radio, multi-channel approach enables it to maintain support for real-time applications with only one termination point per 50 nodes on the mesh, whereas other mesh architectures require a termination point for every 5 to 10 nodes. Also, by separating client access from the mesh backbone using different spectrum, the Strix system can dynamically optimize data paths, circumnavigate network congestion and interference, and adjust in real-time to avoid network failure.

The city of Tempe, Arizona is among the municipalities deployed an outdoor mesh network based on Strix Systems. The wireless network will cover the entire city limits of Tempe and will offer services to residents and visitors on an annual, monthly, daily and hourly basis. The network will allow access to multiple Internet service providers (ISP), and is robust enough to provide telephone service via VoIP.

The new Access/One Network OWS 2400 and 3600 model products are available in two NEMA 4X-rated environmentally-hardened enclosures. Strix has previously offered only indoor versions of the system, selling through partners to vertical segments. The company uses Atheros silicon in its systems.