Sunday, April 24, 2005 Unveils VoIP Migration Platform introduced a VoIP migration appliance designed to preserve the life of existing PBX's and all associated feature sets while providing any-to-any connectivity between TDM and IP protocols and media.

The new SHOUT2500 Voice Migration Appliance combines a voice router with built in call control, a session border controller for firewall and NAT traversal, a media gateway for connectivity to legacy PBX's and the PSTN, a protocol translator and converter for multi- vendor PBX interconnectivity, SIP and H.323 interworking, and an open programming interface. It routes calls to IP VPNs, the Internet, ITSPs, partners and the PSTN. For the enterprise, this means reduced costs from toll calls, international bandwidth, PBX tie lines, PBX blades, tandem PBX's, and remote worker call charges. The SHOUT2500 enables heterogeneous PBX's to inter work over the IP WAN with full feature transparency. A flexible scripting language also enables complex routing tables to be built that leverage multiple transport networks. also leverages its own BESTflow (BSP) protocol, which designed to improve the efficiency of transporting multiple calls across an IP link, while ensuring firewall and NAT traversal.

Significantly, is providing tie-ins to Microsoft Live Communications Server and the Genesys call center with SIP to PBX CTI gateway functionality. For instance, a global enterprise would be able to integrate a legacy PBX network with a new SIP-based PBX network using Microsoft's Live Communication Server 2005 and Office Communicator. The company is demonstrating the new product at the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center.


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