Tuesday, April 19, 2005

MCI Tightens SLAs for Managed Network Performance

MCI tightened service level agreements (SLAs) for its end-to-end Managed Network Services with the introduction of an enhanced five-point guarantee.

MCI has improved its restoration SLA to guarantee a 3.5 hour time to repair in the U.S., a four-hour time to repair for third-party managed networks in the U.S. and key global business centers, and a six-hour time to repair for remote regions of the world. MCI is one of the first to offer a standard set of SLAs covering third- party networks. Showcasing its role as a network integrator, MCI guarantees it can deliver the same or better performance than third-party providers.

Other enhancements to MCI's five-point service level agreements include:

  • 100 percent site availability guarantee for redundant (dual-router, dual-circuit) networks,

  • Guarantees based on actual-time-to-repair versus a mean-time-to-repair,

  • Third-party SLAs that match, or even beat, the provider of origin.

The new SLAs are available to all new Managed Network Services customers utilizing IP, Frame Relay, Private IP, ATM and Private Line beginning in May.

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