Monday, April 4, 2005

MCI Provides IPv6 for Cray Supercomputers

MCI is providing Cray with an IPv6 network to perform interoperability testing on its leading Cray X1/X1E Supercomputers as well as other Cray supercomputer products when IPv6 is added. Cray is also using IPv6 to test and develop next-generation software and applications for its customers worldwide. Cray will leverage MCI's IPv6 overlay network that rides on its global IP backbone.

MCI said it has long been a proponent of IPv6, supporting native IPv6 services since 1998 when it deployed the first production IPv6 capable network in the U.S. , the vBNS+ network which is primarily used by government and academia. MCI currently offers a public IPv6 overlay network in the U.S., Europe and Asia Pac.


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