Monday, April 18, 2005

MCI Launches Digital Media Technologies Group

MCI announced the formation of its new Digital Media Technologies group, dedicated to developing and distributing end-to-end, digital media solutions for content creators, producers and distribution outlets for media, entertainment and gaming organizations.

As a first step, MCI will acquire the assets of ICF (Interactive Content Factory), which specializes in IP-based media and entertainment services. Financial terms were not disclosed.

ICF offers IP-based remote editing platforms targeted toward consolidating the work processes of media rich industries including broadcast, iTV, broadband, Web and mobile outlets, such as cell phones and media players.

MCI plans to offer a hosted version of ICF Media Platform which will digitally capture content, store and manage rich media and manage media distribution and syndication, including copyright and music rights management. MCI will also host software, editing tools and enable customers to access, rough edit and distribute digital content in final form from any web- enabled device. ICF Media Platform and ICF NetEdit will continue to be supported as a software product for local installations.

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